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Are you lost or stuck in life? Not sure which way to go at the crossroads of your journey? Dana Marie can help you get back on track!


As spiritual consultant, I provide heartfelt support to educate, empower and enlighten. My undivided attention effectively transforms constraining obstacles into unrestricted opportunities. Matters such as finances, relationships, family, career goals, soul origins, personal health (not medical advice), past life connections and dream interpretations are suitable for immense exploration. You must be receptive to inspirational guidance, self-motivation, inner healing and constructive suggestions. A willing participant in the game called life is your responsibility! I do not enable spiritual laziness or easy answers. Be prepared for Divine truth!


Looking into the core root of your karmic story -- as well as reversing negative impacts of circumstances -- is a pathway towards deeper clarifications. A private session is for peace of mind and inner growth rather than changing or manipulating other people (or their attitudes).


What to expect from a private session:

  • Recognizing personality descriptions

  • Analyzing past lives and present issues

  • Examining probabilities and outcomes

  • Increasing spiritual awareness

More importantly, hope transfers into clear vision, shattering assumptions that bind the status quo and making a better future visible. Nonjudgmental, productive and compassionate insights validate actions and choices according to best interests and highest good. Minimizing negative thought opens your heart and mind to countless possibilities rather than depending on fairy tale promises. Interpreting purpose and reasons for various situations are essential to resolving problems.


Circumstances, free will decisions and human behavior can influence or determine actual results. Always remember the source of continuous good, balanced energy and inner harmony starts from within. Embrace eternal riches by filling your life with LIMITLESS abundance, prosperity and ♥love♥...many blessings to you!


Peace always,

B.Msc., I.M.M.


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