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Dana Marie

B.Msc., I.M.M.


Gifted spirit messenger experienced for many years in relationship issues, revealing soul mates, past lives, dream interpretation, career development and personal growth.

Demonstrating uncanny perception since early childhood in the South Bronx, Dana Marie's natural ability of connecting with Spiritual presence (Universe, God, Creator) blossomed into coexistence between physical planes and astral dimensions. An insatiable appetite for knowledge launched her adulthood journey into metaphysics, amplifying sensitivity to vibrations, frequencies and energies. For two decades, her understanding of esoteric symbols, birth numbers and Spirit communication were combined as insightful guidance appropriately named Intuitive Soul Therapy to assist clients worldwide. In 2015, Dana earned a Bachelors of Metaphysical Science degree from University of Metaphysics.


As trusted counselor with precise vision, Dana analyzes karmic patterns and soul reasons behind past influences, present situations and future probabilities. Detailed guidance is essential to create and sustain positive outcomes according to best interests and highest good. Devoted attention to matters of the heart effectively transforms constraining obstacles into boundless opportunities, renewed optimism and unlimited potential. Although predictions are never etched in stone because of freewill choices, she provides necessary tools to help you choose paths for increasing awareness and revealing the unexpected.


How does Dana define her spiritual outlook? "Past experiences with organized religion made me realize that a limited belief system was not part of my spiritual path and development. Truly comprehending universal principles is more important than dogmatic views. I do believe that through ever-present Spirit, we all have gifts, abilities and willingness to do good through creative expression. Because we are spiritual beings, it contradicts divine nature to persecute, insult or exclude beliefs and faiths. If our way of living does not come from a place of love, peace, compassion and wisdom, cosmic harmony fails to exist. By connecting with Higher Consciousness, one becomes fully aware of wellbeing. Furthermore, divination is simply an instrument that cannot produce any spirit on its own ("evil" or otherwise). It is actually the PERSON -- not the tool -- who can help or harm another."



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