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I met Dana socially first. She's an intelligent, humorous and generous person (and a cat person like me!). Anyway, I've done 2 readings with her and each time she hit upon many true points. I gave her NO indication of anything. She gave me feedback that is going to help me take better care of myself. It helps to hear it from someone else! Thanks, Dana!

Antoinette Arianna

Brooklyn, New York

Thank you for the reading! I enjoyed it very much. Dana was right on about everything and I will be calling her again.

Sheryl Brittingham

Lenexa, Kansas

I recently listened to my recording of my last reading with Dana and I was really amazed at the perception. Dana has been reading for me since 2009 and has helped me through a lot of rough and crazy times. Dana is a real psychic and clairvoyant with accurate and detailed psychic impressions. Readers like Dana are truly gifted and blessed by God that they can help people see their way and evolve on the spiritual path. Thank you Dana for all your guidance and your unbelievable psychic ability.

Kim Walter

New Jersey

Thank you again for a great session this evening and for the sessions I had the pleasure of having with you this past year. Your sessions have been very inspirational, motivating and empowering. After each session I always felt good and ready to move on and overcome the obstacles that were blocking me and my life before our session. Thank you.


New York, New York

I had a reading with Dana back in August 2014 and she picked up on someone being ill that at that time I couldn't verify. I found out today the guy I'm interested in moved in with his mother due to her being in remission. Dana picked up his great concern for his mother's health. I'm glad I booked a few more sessions. Things that come through can sometimes take time to validate but they happen!


Los Angeles, California

Just wanted to follow up and thank you again for making the time to speak with me. I appreciate the clarity, advice and paradigm shift you provided during our conversation. I hope to speak to you again soon.


New York City

Dana is awesome! Bright, articulate and authentic is what comes to my mind. She is accurate in her reading. A wonderful spiritual guide for all.

Grace McC

Westchester, New York

It was great speaking with Dana over these past few months. She was incredibly patient and very insightful. Many of her predictions came to pass. I am very grateful she made such an effort to answers all my questions.


Long Island, New York

Dana is a sweet, considerate psychic. I am very touched by her. I believe she hit things pretty accurately and will follow up within the next 9 months. Thanks for your insights.

Vicky Keeth


Dana is the real deal! I just listened to my 2013 forecast she did last November and was amazed at how accurate and insightful her messages are. They are gifts from spirit and I highly recommend her.

Diane R.

Tucson, Arizona

I had a phone reading with Dana today and all I can say is WOW! The real deal for sure because she gave me peace. This reading reassured me to follow my instincts and she delivered with extreme professionalism and empathy. Loved my reading and it gave me the empowerment I needed to continue on my path. Thank you so much Dana we will be in touch!

Silvia N.


Thank you so much Dana Marie for a wonderful 6 month forecast reading. It's full of insights & guidance. You're so right, I'm really ready for a change. I'm glad hat you see changes happening in the next couple of months.

Jacqueline Bardsley
New York

As always it is a pleasure to speak with Dana. She is right on target with her info, gives you accurate dates, easy to talk to and very helpful!

Crystal B.
New York, New York

WOW is all I can say. I have been to MANY readers in the past. If you want the REAL DEAL and the nitty gritty, go to Dana. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Dana gets right to the heart of the matter without you even having to ask. Questions are not really necessary as she intuitively touches upon the areas you NEED to know about. What I loved the most about Dana is that nothing is black and white. She really goes into depth about the very nature of the relationships that perplex us yet they make perfect sense. Aside from that, she is genuine and caring. I prepaid for my reading which was supposed to be 90 minutes. Well, we ended up going over two hours! Dana did not even ask me for a dime extra. She truly cares about her clients. If you want the real deal, go see Dana. I feel a sense of peace after seeing her and I cannot wait to go back.

Lisa S.
New York, New York

Dana is a truly gifted intuitive. I have had many readings with her over several years now. She continues to be of service as I always find her information not only accurate - but helpful. She always gives any credit to her higher power and I have always admired her awareness of not being ego centered about her work.

Diane R.

I have never had a tarot reading nor do I know anything about this type of thing. Dana Marie was awesome! I can not tell you how accurate her reading was for past and present events in my life. I recommend Dana Marie, she really is a gifted individual! Thank you.

Ruth LaTourelle
Etna, California

I just want to say that Dana Marie is an awesome lady. Before I came to her I was a nervous wreck. I didn't know what to do or where to turn. She is very honest and told me the truth. She gave me dates and I am waiting to see. God Bless.

Nikki Rosemain
Baton Rouge

Thanks for the reading, Dana. The reading was very good! Dana is very accurate and was even giving dates, names and locations of things of importance in my life. She told me what she saw coming up for me in the future and things to keep an eye out. She explain beforehand how she gets her information and how it works. She is reliable, honest and credible.

Gina Wedlake
Dallas, Texas

Dana, whether its a class or a reading, you are simply amazing!

Yvonne Peraza
Queens, New York

Dana Marie did a 2011 forecast reading for me and it was great! Through out the year, I have listened to it again and again. I highly recommend her.

Kristen Lewis

My recent reading from Dana was pretty accurate with a lot of things in present time and the past as well. I had readings with her before and she's always been right -- maybe not so much with timing (that's okay because nothing is set in stone anyway) but some things still happened. She tells you like she sees it! I'm hoping things change in my situation.

Antranae Lee

I feel confident my readings with Dana Marie are the best help every time I have to make an important decision. She is a wonderful spiritual advisor and you can tell she is the best psychic.

Sylvia Herrera

I want to send Dana Marie so much gratitude for the light she shines on any situation you may be going through. I know that her gift from God is to help heal and guide anyone who asks. The bottom line is whenever you feel like you can't see light at the end of the tunnel, there she is holding out her hand to show you the way! Sending light & love to you Dana Marie till we speak again.

Lianne L.

I had my first reading with Dana Marie recently. Dana is a wonderfully gifted "messenger" of truth. She is clear as a bell, exudes love and light and is spot on with the information she shares. Within a few days of my reading, things she suggested would materialize did before I realized they had - none of which involved my 'doing'. I recommend Dana highly and can't wait for my follow-up reading. I consider her my new spiritual guide and teacher. You will not regret one minute with her, and will be better for having talked with her.

Marsha H.
Oakland, California

Amazingly accurate past and present left me convinced that future will be also. Dana Marie is real, down to earth and explains everything very clearly and responsibly from the beginning. I am impressed and will definitely consult with her again.

Judith S.
Alexandria, Virginia

Dana is a genuine, warm and caring person. The reading that I received from her was very accurate. Some things at the time didn't make much sense (I took notes) but later on made perfect sense. It just took a little while for me to catch on. She was also able to bring through my best friend who was like a sister to me. She passed 20 years ago this month, and I am so thankful that my best friend chose Dana to communicate with me.

Kristen L.
Greenfield, Indiana

I just wanted to say thank you for the forecast, it was really informative. I listened to it last night and woke up listening to it this morning. I am very pleased with what you had to say and the forecast was extremely accurate. Your forecast allows me to see things clearly and put things in perspective.

Robyn B.
Bronx, New York

Dana was a guest on our radio show "The Art of Healing" and we were blown away with her messages for us. She was dead on and the way she delivers her messages is very direct and we can appreciate that style. She was also doing readings for our callers and the depth of detail is a gift. Dana is the real deal, and her personality is booming, which is a bonus! She definitely will be using her gifts forever to help people. Thank you so much and big hugs!

Chinhee & Sunhee Park
New York

I spoke to Dana Marie last night on Blog Talk Radio. She was great. She answered my questions and picked up on other things that were on point. I will spread the word and contact her again. :)

Nancy S.
Bronx, New York

I was fortunate enough to win a free reading from the lovely Dana Marie and let me say I was amazed! She picked up on things in my life that few people knew about, everything she said was spot on. Needless to say she gave some wonderful guidance and I was very satisfied. I feel very blessed and I am so thankful that I had such a wonderful opportunity. Thanks again Miss Dana! Love and Blessings!

Samantha J.
Decatur, Indiana

I thought Dana was wonderful. Very insightful, accurate and helpful. She was very accurate with the past and I am excited to see if the future is as she saw it. I would certainly do another reading with her in the future. I was able to get a reading appointment right away! She really worked to accommodate my schedule.

Christina S.
Santa Cruz, California

Dana Marie is a very good intuitive. She was able to give details that I did not reveal to her. Dana is simply amazing. Dana has help me to get to a place of further acceptance of the situation and this is helping me move past it. Dana is exceptional. You will not go wrong by giving her a try.

Lyle L.
Indianapolis, Indiana

I very much enjoyed my first e-mail reading from Dana. She is very warm, genuine and her words seemed to really bring insight into my situation. I have had readings from other psychics before, but after one reading from her I already find her a trustworthy and accurate source to turn to in the future.

Meg M.
Stamford, Connecticut

WOW... what an awesome reading! Yes, my job was a very toxic place but I stuck it out. In some way or another, my job played out because it was suppose to and allowed me to prepare what I truly must do. I am a Reiki Master and have been studying healing for almost 14 years. I was told by someone about healing others, animals, or help others about losing loved ones who crossed over. Honestly I thought they were crazy! I guess there weren't. Dana, you truly have a beautiful gift and I am so blessed I found you! I thank you from my heart to yours!

Jeanine O.

I thought it was an insightful reading. I felt she helped confirm what was going in my life. If anything, this was probably the one of the few positive readings I have had in 30 something years of my life. Thank you Dana for being supportive and for giving me a thumbs up!

Sidney W.
New York, New York

Thank you Dana! I truly appreciate your insight and many of the ideas that you have brought forth resonate with me. I will definitely ask for your guidance in the future!

Mara R.

The reading was interesting. I enjoyed it. I was especially interested in remarks about 2 children. I am glad that I may have a late career as writer. We will meet again I know. I told my 2 New York girls about Dana and one may visit her soon.

Mimi C.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I would like to say how truly grateful I am to Dana for the informative and accurate free podcast reading I received last year. I had experienced nearly two years of disappointment with regards to conception and pregnancy. Dana predicted that I would have a baby boy within the year and guess what? I gave birth to my son on 27th May 2009. Mother and baby are doing well, George is gorgeous. Thanks again Dana!

Rebecca K.
Essex, England

Dana Marie was able to tell things about me I didn't know about myself. I love her casual style, and incredibly accurate readings - even from an email!

Lori G.

After hearing several of Dana's talk radio shows and calling in for a free mini reading, I was impressed by Dana's accuracy and ability to focus into my situation. I was struck by her nurturing and warm way of communicating. Her focus is on the Highest Good of my spiritual path, not temporal circumstances. She's heaven sent, for real!

Keesha M.

A superb, in-depth email reading from Dana. Thank you for your insights into the dynamics and for your advice. The energies were pegged accurately. Thanks again Dana!

Janet L.

I must tell you that my nerves were calmed after my phone reading. I believe I was guided to Dana to help me with my son who really needed my help. The words 'thank you' seem small compared to the way she has steered me.

Irene R.
Rocklin, California

If you are looking for a fantastic reading, Dana Marie is your gal! I was fortunate enough to be selected for one of the readings via her awesome podcast. She was amazingly accurate and her words were incredibly encouraging at a time when everything seemed so bleak for me. It is my desire to move back to Hollywood and she totally picked up on that without any knowledge as to where I'm located. Her reading has helped me to get back on my path and to stop dwelling on the past and embrace what's to come...Dana ROCKS!!!

Matt B.
Sacramento, California

Hi Dana! Thank you for your reading! You were so right on. You mentioned me traveling near my birthday by a large body of water and staying for a few weeks. I hope to get to Hawaii and spend three weeks at my friends house. You also mentioned a Gemini that is full of drama and loves to give me a hard time. You described a member of my family! All in all, my forecast for next year is a good one and I am looking forward to making it a great year. Many blessings to you for the New Year.

Crystal S.
Staten Island, New York

I had a reading with Dana and was very impressed with all that she said without knowing much about me except for my name. I really liked her style of reading; she was straightforward and clear. She was very accurate with my circumstances and her insights were uplifting and encouraging. I will definitely come back for a longer reading.

Yen N.

Dana Marie gave me a thorough reading of my life in her podcast. At first I was resistant to the reading because I didn't necessarily like what I was hearing, but then I sat with it for a bit and was AMAZED at how accurate it was. It wasn't a negative reading at all. It was speaking to that very resistance I had -- in profound and extremely productive ways. Dana is a very special and beautiful woman and intuitive. I was honored to have a reading from her and I will certainly consult her in the future.

Haley O.

Girl, I got four words for you --YOU*ARE*FREAKIN*AWESOME*! A reading from Dana is well worth the money, even though I'm the lucky chick that got it for free!

Kellie B.
West Virginia

Dana is a wonderful spirit with a drive to help people find their way. She is very professional, yet personable. I enjoyed my reading and it was incredibly accurate. Thank you Dana for your insight.

Sandy R.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

I had my first session with Dana, and it was amazing! Dana knew all the insights of my life and with great accuracy. I feel like I have a better sense of who I am and where I should be headed. I felt extremely happy after the archangel messages I received through Dana, and was very surprised and incredibly happy to know that my own little sister was my twin soul! Thanks Dana for such a great reading. I recommend Dana Marie to anyone out there searching for something more spiritually.

Annie N.
Los Angeles, California

Thank you so much for your answer to my question. It really gave me a lift. It was quite accurate. I have worked in service (volunteer) most of my life. I have been looking into counseling, so I was excited you mentioned it. I loved the entrepreneurial mention as I don't like working in an office for others. Thanks, I really enjoy your podcast and will schedule another reading soon!

Mary R.
Redwood City, California

I have had private sessions with Dana and attended her crystal workshop. I feel Goddess Dana is a loving and caring soul. Dana has connections with spirit and brings loving messages to guide you on your path. I feel she genuinely cares about her clients.

Kimberly C.
New York City

Thank you so much for the very intuitive reading. You are really on the mark about my hopes, dreams and plans.

Mary R.
Queens, New York

Hi, you are so great! I called your show about my son Jimmy. I miss my son and I was crying a good cry. Thank you!

Patricia G.
New Jersey

My reading with Dana was so very insightful. She has this calming voice and beautiful chuckle which really puts you at ease right away. The things she picked up on were very on target, and she was given some really great suggestions by her guides to help me with my current situations, of which I am hard at work to implement into my life. So many thanks!

South Carolina

Dear Dana, I'd like to thank you sincerely for taking time out to do a reading for me. I was taken aback by how accurate you were! It was very insightful advice on not just the question I asked, but also on my life path as a whole. Thank you and this reading really meant a lot to me!

Cel C.
Asean, Singapore

Hi Dana, I really enjoyed the reading. It gave me a lot to look at and I am able to understand a little more about my life and why things are happening the way they do. You also hit on a few things that were quit impressive, especially that part about my children. Thank you so much for taking the time. I highly recommend you to those who need to find themselves!

Diane G.
Albany, New York

Thank you so much for your guidance and words of wisdom. In just a couple of emails, you gave me so much. To be honest, I had not expected such generosity. Your insights have provided me with clarity and constructive suggestions as to the way forward. Thank you and God bless!

Melbourne, Australia

My experience with Dana is positive. Her readings have provided the information and insight I need to grow and move on. I am happy and grateful to have been helped by Dana.


My reading with Dana was a wonderful experience. She is more than intuitive, believe me! She provided in-depth information as well as precious details just through the phone. She really established a connection with me, I could feel it. I must say I was a little skeptical at a phone reading but I am a convert now! She has a soothing voice and incredible insight that helped me re-center my thoughts and projects. I warmly recommend her.

Rym T.
Brooklyn, New York

You were "spot on" with my life purpose. It is definitely triggering a blessed and overdue career change. I could not have said that any better. Thank you for all the good advice and future predictions. It was well worth the 30 minute call. I hope to call you again next year. You are a true gifted blessing to this world. What a pleasure to have gotten the opportunity to speak with you!

Lena S.

I enjoyed my reading with Dana. She got to the heart of the matter without wasting time and with honesty. No fairy tales but the truth to empower. Her ethics and wish to help people is refreshing. She read my situation and picked up on things so accurately it was amazing. Definitely gifted, compassionate and non-judgmental. Thanks again Dana and God Bless!

Janet L.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

I have been developing my own spiritual gifts over the past two years and have had several readings by many psychics to try and determine what was going on. Dana has given me incredible readings, very accurate and some of the very best validations I have gotten and it is clear to me, her connection to the divine realm is pristine. Intention means everything to me, and I am certain her intention is to use her amazing gifts to help all of us find our way to the spiritual truth. I not only got excellent confirmations, I was given direction which is one of the hardest things to find when you are developing your own gifts. I would highly suggest Dana for not only an accurate reading but for those who believe they have spiritual gifts or wish to develop them. You will be pointed in the right direction.

Jacqueline M.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Thank you Dana for a reading that was not only accurate but also caring and insightful. You are truly gifted but the caring that was taken and your wonderful personality were so deeply appreciated. The reading was not only wonderful but the fact that you taped it and sent me the copy is such a brilliant touch because I can always refer to it for your wonderful advice. Thanks you again for not only being a gifted caring reader but also intelligent and wise.

Lillian A.
South Ozone Park, New York

I have to say, Dana is such a nice person to speak to over the telephone. Her caring, concerns, and patience are so important to others. She also picked up on some factors in my life and very gifted with God's Blessings. Thank you so much for your service, and I will recommend you to others.

Alicia V.
White Plains, New York

Had the best reading ever from Dana. She described the people around me and my situation to a T. Her insights and suggestions were straightforward and compassionate. Definitely recommend her!

Rosalind B.
Queens, New York

The reading you gave was very positive and true for guiding me to the right path. Thank you!

Deepa R.
New York, New York

A reading with Mystic Dana always leaves you feeling hopeful and prepared. She is less a fortune teller and more like trusted counselor with a psychic vision.

Mia A.
New York, New York

The first time Dana read for me, I was amazed! It was a general spread, and even though I had specific questions, she focused on what the cards wanted to tell me in ways that were somewhat scary in accuracy. The second reading I had focused on love and relationships. I was stunned by the details Dana picked up without any questions from me. She identified obstacles, accurately depicting the situation I was finding myself in. Moreover, she so nicely shed light on things that simply confirmed what I thought about and took it a step further -- away from possible hurt to help guide me towards my inner peace and calling.

Natalie K.
Baltimore, Maryland

The moment I started speaking to Mystic Dana, I started crying because she tapped into something that other psychics had not tapped into. It was about the spiritual side of my relationship and how my spirit was being affected. She also provided a great deal of insight which amazed me.

Angela L.
Mount Vernon, New York

I want to thank you from the core of my being for your reading. My heartfelt gratitude to you. I offer you my love and blessings to you for being my guide and showing me the light. I offer you my gratitude for lifting my spirits, and to help me see the splendor of my heart and the divine power within me.

I hold all your words in my heart and wait anxiously for everything to unfold.

Calcutta, India

Dana did a wonderful reading for me!  She was very intuitive and empathetic.

Dennis H.
Bellemore, New York

Dana has been reading for me for nearly 2 years now! She is very insightful and can feel what is bothering me. Her readings are thorough and easy to understand. I think it's great that she tells me what cards came up in my reading. And it's also great that I don't have to take notes. She will send me a cassette tape of the reading so I can listen to it again. That way, I can focus on her reading. She has seen several situations that did actually happen later. I recommend Dana because I believe that she is for real, she does care. And her price is very reasonable!

Janna Z.

I had my first reading with Mystic Dana in August and, at that time, she said "I see romance coming in October, his name has an 'F' energy." I forgot about this; then in mid-October, boom! I meet Freddy. Now, I'm in a very happy loving relationship.

Wendy C.
Brooklyn, New York

Dana is professional, prompt with responding to emails, and as far as I have experienced, very accurate with her readings. She has a caring and gentle manner when she does her readings and I felt completely at ease with her. I've recommended many friends and bought a session for my Aunt's birthday. Dana is wonderful!

Robin A.
Brooklyn, New York

I would like to thank Dana not only for great insight but also her professionalism and true honesty. I have seen many clairvoyants and tarot readers and none of them had Dana's qualities. She compassionately told the past and showed the present as they were for me. No one has ever been able to tell me about my past, present and future as Dana did. I am rather sure the future will be as she has predicted because her reading is really amazing! Thank you Dana for everything.

Z. Eve-Marie
Gainesville, Virginia

Dana has been a very positive force in my life over the past year. Her continued encouragement and guidance have supported me through difficult transitions and helped me to focus on continued growth. I am often amazed at Dana's intuitive powers; she sees things so clearly, seems to know the cast of characters in my life better than I do, and provides me with a better overall picture of the situation at hand. Perhaps the best thing about having a session with Dana is that I trust her to be honest with me, and know that she cares about what happens to me. She always has useful suggestions for my goals. And the tapes she sends are so helpful for reinforcing my focus. Thanks so much Dana!

Elmasue Z.
Sioux City, Iowa

Dana's answers and guidance for my personal questions was without a doubt right on target. I highly recommend talking to her for insight into any questions you may have regarding issues in your life. She is a truly gifted person who was very encouraging and gave me a lot of strength and hope.

New York

I would like to highly recommend Mystic Dana for spiritual and tarot readings. She is a very professional and kind person. Her readings are extremely accurate, more so than 90% of other psychics I have used. She has helped me both on a spiritual level as well as with practicalities. I have had the privilege of receiving several readings from Dana over the past couple of years, and she is always dedicated and helpful with her gift of intuitive abilities. There are many readers out there and all of us have the ability if we listen. However, Dana guides you toward yourself with a gentle and open-mindedness that helps you to empower! Thank you so much Dana!

Marlene L.
San Diego, California

Dana has been very instrumental in my spiritual growth and in my personal life as well. She offers insight and guidance that I have needed to get me through some tough decisions on career changes in the last year and has given me the courage and the strength to see these through.

She uses meditation for better understanding and for a clearer reading, but for calm as well. If I am confused and need clarity she has been there for me and I don't hesitate to recommend her to my friends and family. I know I have a long road to travel, but I feel better that she will be there to aid me and to make it an easier journey.

She is patient and kind, but she will lay it on the line, so you know the truth and doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. She is genuine and has been accurate in the sessions we have shared. I feel very fortunate to have found her for guidance that makes these discoveries less frightening.

Reverend Margaret Chubb

Dana has done a number of readings over the years for me. She never sugar coated and always told me the truth (even if at the time I did not want to hear it). If you want a reading from a truly gifted psychic, Dana is the one. Let her guidance help you along the road of life. Her gift is truly amazing right down to picking up the fact that I want to wear the color red and my family says it will clash with my strawberry blond hair! I am going out and buying a red dress this week.

Maureen C.
Watertown, Connecticut

"When the student is ready the teacher appears"- Dana is a superb reader who not only receives accurate information she delivers it clearly and confidently. I've experienced just a handful of readers of her caliber in the past 20 years. I consider myself divinely blessed to have found her and to be guided through her. My very first 30 minute reading was so very accurate and detailed regarding a relationship that I scheduled another reading for the next evening regarding business! God Blessed her with some amazing gifts!

Jacqueline K.
Longboat Key, Florida

I was very impressed that without being asked, Dana picked up on our little lost boy who was last seen by our family in the late 1940s. I believe her physical description of Louis, a small child of 2 or 3 years old with auburn curls, fits the last known description of him. Dana also picked up on his initials, LL, and was accurate when she said I've been looking for him.

Margaret F.
Freeport, Michigan

Over the past two years, I've received several readings from Dana. She's extremely accurate with descriptions of individual personalities. For my family member, Dana has been pretty awesome with her foresight; the information has been enlightening and beneficial. When I asked her assistance detailing the best possible choice relating to a college for my youngest, Dana was able to give area locations and letters which provided a perfect fit. Dana picked up valuable insights for future career prospects and help with the pinpointing of possible weakness in finances. Take time to prepare yourself before your reading and be amazed; she is truly gifted!

Elaine P.
Manchester, New Hampshire

Through many readings in my life, Dana is the one reader who made me see the truth and turn my life around. Three years ago, I met her on line by mistake and so glad that I did. She is outstanding, amazingly accurate, and very honest. I would recommend her to everyone, and you won't be disappointed.

Toronto, Canada



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